I finished the enclosure!

1 Oct

Sort of…

The bimini, dodger, and side enclosure pieces are great. I also (this is Robin) finished the back piece and this port side bit that can zip open and roll up. It was a bit tricky, as I used a bunch of scraps, but it doesn’t look too strange.I still haven’t figured out a side flap for the starboard side. I want to have something that’s easy to open and close multiple times a day, since our Portland dock rat tie-up is on the starboard side. For now we are using a shower curtain with snaps installed.

Stay out winter!

Newly installed port side flap made from scraps

Patterning…trying to make it all fit

Sewing in the storage unit…LOVE my sailrite machine!!

Hey, it works! When it pours down rain, the cockpit is dry and we can hang out in it. Also acts as a bit of a greenhouse on sunny days, and we all agree it’s nice to have the added winter space!Robin is very happy to be done for now, and move on to another boat project.

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