The oven!!

17 Sep

Ever since we bought Tango we’ve talked about installing an oven. We have dreamed and thought about it since 2011. We have a 1994 Tobago, and the 1995 version has a top shelf and an oven, so it never seemed that crazy. In Maryland, we had a cabinet maker mock up a design for the top shelf in cardboard, but after hounding him for a quote, he gave us a price so high we knew he didn’t want the job.

This world can be such an odd world when it comes to contractors…many times we have wanted to hire someone who didn’t care about the work. Guess it’s a good thing, as we’ve learned to do things ourselves, making us more self-sufficient.

Once we sorted the design, building it wasn’t as difficult as we thought. It’s taken all summer, but we finally have everything installed. The worst part was cutting through all the fiberglass to make an opening big enough. We also had a bit of a tricky time with the propane lines. We ended up running all new lines, which is a good thing anyway, as our existing lines were probably original to Tango.

We have baked a few things, and are quite happy to have an oven. Looking forward to more baked goods on these crisp, late summer evenings! Peyton has promised us cream puffs and dark chocolate croissants…

After…we even have a large opening left for all the pots and pans!

The galley before

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