On the eighth day of Christmas….

17 Dec

…two raccoons gave to us…a munched upon gingerbread house.

Who knew!? We have never seen raccoons on the dock, let alone inside our enclosure. We leave stuff in our enclosure all the time, and never (until now) has a creature been stirring. Somehow the delicious scent of Madi’s gummybear gingerbread house was too much to resist.

Abby woke us all at 4am with her clarion barks to warn us of visitors. Pa in his kerchief and ma in her cap peaked out the window and saw two raccoons sneaking the gingerbread house out through our enclosure rain flap.

This morning, we present the evidence. They left the cookie bits, and all but one lone gummybear are gone.

Carnage on the deck

Carnage on the dock

Lost gummybear in the cockpit

The empty cardboard foundation

One Response to “On the eighth day of Christmas….”

  1. Wilma Cunningham December 17, 2019 at 9:21 pm #

    How funny and sad! %>(…..You are always having new adventures!!Hope Madi can make another gingerbread house and keep it safe!Merry Christmas to you all! And a happy new year!Love, Aunt Wilma and Unc

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